ATC Brokers Review – The Truth About This Forex Broker


ATC Brokers has received a formidable presence inside the forex broker industry for most decades. ATC Brokers has lots of intriguing pros and cons, therefore is that their stage it’s reported to become? Read our review to learn whether this broker is right for the own trading.

About ATC Brokers

ATC Brokers is an organization that has already been working from the forex industry providing broker services since 2005. They will have offices located across the planet, and collapse below the law of three worldwide financial bodies.

In the U.S. the broker is regulated by the National Futures Association within an Introducing Broker, at the U.K. they’re regulated by the NFA, also at the Cayman Islands from CIMA. All through time, this law continues to be one of the bases that includes seen ATC Brokers grow into its current rates, and during that ATC Brokers review, we’ll acquire a thorough insight in their additional features and offers to traders.

ATC Brokers Landing Screen

ATC Brokers Account Opening

The broker supplies one particular account type to use by its traders. These encircles each of the merchandise and functionality provided by ATC Brokers. Beyond that typical accounts type, traders can opt to start a joint account, or even professional traders even have the option of starting a corporate accounts through ATC Brokers.

Minimum Deposit

The deposit is relatively high compared with a number of other big brokers. This is something that might dissuade casual or new traders from opening a free account together with ATC Brokers. The minimum expected deposit fluctuates marginally determined by regulatory authority of ATC Brokers.

For U.S. established traders, the deposit is $3,000.

For U.K established traders, minimum deposit is $5,000, or even equivalent in GBP/EUR.

For different traders operating throughout the CIMA regulated site of ATC Brokers, the deposit is $2000.

Availability and Ease of Opening

ATC Brokers accounts are all readily available to users in many nations around the Earth, and relatively simple to start. Launching a demo account necessitates only your basic contact and personal info, which procedure needs to be performed immediately, though they advise it could use up to 24-hours.

Opening a live accounts together with ATC Brokers is a much more thorough process at which you should offer a great deal of background and personal information to set up your profile. Once that is finished, you also need to submit 1 kind of identification along with something speech proof. These can confirm your accounts fully for trading. ATC Brokers possess a review period of 12 days after entry of live accounts application, and 3 5 days for corporate accounts consent.

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Product Offerings

ATC Brokers offer you a variety of stores to trade that can possibly be considered staple by the standards of several big brokers within the business. Nevertheless, they still can include each one the essentially popular options to traders. These add a variety of both 38 forex currency pairs, both big, and minor, and trading at 1-2 selected CFDs. These generally include several indices, two alloys, and petroleum.

For a trader who’s specifically centered on trading certain stores in bigger volumes and that knows what they desire, ATC Brokers might be the ideal option, using removed other less-popular stores to reduce diversion.

ATC Brokers Commissions and Fees

ATC Brokers Spreads

ATC Brokers functions on a commission basis. This commission stands in an average $6 percent switch onto a good deal of 100,000 currency components. Trades with ATC Brokers are implemented within an ECN basis that permits the broker to minimise spreads. These spreads average medially 0.3 – 0.5 pips on major currency pairs. This attracts ATC Brokers relatively inline with the majority of its competitors and their spreads on markets from the industry.

Non-trading Fees

ATC Brokers will comprise several non-trading fees. The overriding one of these is roll-over fees like those charged by every broker in the business. These can change depending on marketplace rankings and other facets, and will be tested in detail when your account application was approved.

Inactivity prices will also be charged by the broker. After each and every 6 month period free of the trading process, traders will probably be charged 50 components of these base money before their accounts reach on no-balance.

Finally, whilst bank wire deposits are totally free, ATC Brokers will charge for international cable withdrawals. This cost amounts to 30 EUR or even 40 USD.

ATC Brokers Platforms and Tools

ATC Brokers MT4 Pro

ATC Brokers has a concentrated position in respect to its stage offerings. They supply traders with just the option of MetaTrader 4. That is offered in both mobile and desktop format. The offering is reinforced by the addition of MT4 Pro, a proprietary plug made by ATC Brokers which significantly enriches the well-regarded stage out of MetaQuotes Software.

Trading Platform

MT4 stipulates the similarly of necessity exemplary service through ACT Brokers because it will work with all the number of different brokers across the forex broker business who offer it. The marginally minimalist overall look of this trading platform is bolstered somewhat with its own rate of implementation and technological offering.

The MT4 charting experience is completely customizable, by the fundamental control windows the first screen, into the accession of several countless technical signs along with professional charting applications, MT4 could be an excellent playground for people that like to take part in a technical investigation that’s highly flexible yet readily displayed.

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The marketplace lookout window into the left side in addition to the underside taskbar providing all of the control that any trader wants as a way to stay current with marketplace moves and immediately receive a snapshot of these standing.

The MT4 Pro plug-in farther enriches the offering, together with visually-appealing statistical investigation to graph trading and sustainability success from the many precise and demonstrably exhibited ways.

Mobile Trading Platform

ATC Brokers MT4 Mobile Chart Watch

ATC Brokers MT4 Mobile Order

The MT4 mobile trading platform offers convenient and speedy trade-execution on the movement having a wide-range of technical signs and charting capacities that tend to be unavailable from the majority of other cellular trading platforms.

MT4 phone excels in being userfriendly, as does its desktop counterpart. In conjunction with the technical ability it provides, it has managed to get a winner after all its launch higher than ten years before, and it’s well-suited for ATC Brokers. That is especially true after all, making use of their elevated deposit demand attracting the vast majority of well-experienced traders, there’s a higher chance they’ll understand or used MT4 on previous occasions.

ATC Brokers Differentiators

ATC Brokers MT4 Pro Order Chart

The leading differentiator that many trades will probably notice ATC Brokers is that their large deposit demand. This may possibly be daunting for your traders, whilst the others will welcome the chance to take part in focused and serious trading having a high-level broker.

Further for the particular deposit demand usually bringing a more capable and higher amount of trader, end users may experience an even far more personalized and individual sense from using ATC Brokers. That is extended by using this MT4 Pro, proprietary plugin by the broker. This functions to boost an already favorable, and honored trading platform encounter.

Customer Service

ATC Brokers offers 24/5 support by means of various techniques. These generally include telephone service services on a regional UK or US-based number dependant on where you are, email service available by the broker’s internet site, and also a live chat feature that converts into email throughout hours.

Timing and answer to questions throughout testing were instantaneous. Email has been replied to the same day using a very clear and efficient answer, calling service had been operating and accessible less than five minutes, and also the live chat feature, even though maybe not available during questioning, was reacted in just a couple of hours.

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As the other option, the ATC Brokers web site comes with a thorough FAQ section that will help direct traders minus needing to contact service.

The amount of service provided by ATC Brokers has many similarities to brokers of similar prestige from the industry, and is a field that performs well not surprisingly.

ATC Brokers Trustworthiness

As among those very few forex brokers regulated in providing services to US-based traders being an introducing broker, ATC Brokers provides a leading and dependable standing from the beginning. Being governed by the FCA at the UK is quite a favorable and enticing thing for your own broker.

Finally, ATC Brokers presence while in the forex industry since 2005 and also the simple fact that they simply accept account openings using a top amount of deposit, also go away toward signaling the amount of trust and professionalism they feature of their performance.


ATC Brokers are contained from the forex broker industry for most decades. All through that point, they’ve been able to entice an international trader-base and supply them with a premier excellent support. This base keeps growing, together with well-placed regulation and also a broker who knows their target marketplace.

ATC Brokers revolve around MT4, as well as higher minimum deposit conditions could be nasty to many brand new or low-volume traders, nevertheless they seem to present a quick, effective, and thoroughly professional service for all those expert traders that know very well what they would like to reach from forex currency trading and also in some very competitive prices.

ATC Brokers




Commissions and charges


Deposits and Withdrawals


Trading Platforms


Customer Service



  • Customized MT4 plugin is highly commended by most experienced users in helping enhance the event that's famous for the professional capacities as a trading platform.
  • Regulation from the EU in addition to some other authorities will interest traders who maybe cautious or search the extra assurance that well-respected law provides.
  • ATC Brokers offers several of their very acceptable spreads compared to the others in the industry.


  • The substantial minimal deposit will probably continue to work contrary to bringing casual or new traders into the broker.
  • Limitations in forex platforms and also products that are available can discourage some traders that require an even broader selection of offerings.
  • Research as well as different professional tools lacking past the access to a financial calendar.

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