DaxRobot Review – Does Automated Trading ACTUALLY Work?


DaxRobot is actually a newcomer to the trading industry, but has gained care. DaxRobot’s automated trading agency supplies its traders not trading robots, however additional exciting tools. Is DaxRobot appropriate for you personally? Read on to learn.

About DaxRobot

DaxRobot is actually a newcomer to the business. The business found in late-2018, as well as, there’s still restricted information that is found on the provider arrangement or beyond experience. They operate an automated trading agency that focuses primarily on providing using trading robots to execute automated forex currency trading plans.

After analyzing eToro ‘s backup trading agency we all were enthusiastic about watching DaxRobot’s automatic instruments. Below ‘s our review.

DaxRobot Landing Screen

DaxRobot has garnered a substantial quantity of attention over the industry, together with lots of reviewing their ceremony at a largely favorable light. DaxBase could be your parent company of DaxRobot, also is, during that time of writing, the sole broker with this automated trading application is currently partnered. DaxBase may also be a comparatively new broker so that confirmed there are not many forex broker reviews in these services too. The business is going to surely have sights set on growing both of these services in tandem.

DaxRobot Features

As DaxRobot is a fairly new service. They have been for today nearly exclusively centered on managing their automated trading applications and making this available to traders who would like to put it to use.

Automated Trading

DaxRobot Bot Demo

DaxRobot provides a selection of trading robots via its service, using fresh upcoming on line all of the time. Each bot is recorded in accordance with benefit, with the present benefit proportion of the topten bots that range from 97 percent up.

Each robot that’s available for use functions with numerous varying faculties. This is the stores that they’re tailored to operate together with, like the Ichimoku Crypto v-2 that focuses its performance over the BTC/USD, also LTC/USD stores in pinpointing migraines, or even the parameters where they operate.

With a high quantity of bots out there. Traders ought to be in a position to find the one that drops in their very own trading program concerning operation and hazard levels. By the beginning, it also essential to be aware that all bot is secured besides a brief one-minute presentation period. Each bot has another minimum deposit required to be able to unlock and also execute its usage.

Broker Integration

Presently, DaxRobot looks just to be incorporated for use with DaxBase that’s the parent business and forex broker joined to the assistance. When questioned in their upcoming plans to incorporate different brokers like FXTM or still another significant forex broker, company agents couldn’t offer any clear answers concerning the upcoming plans for integration of all their trading strategies.

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Ultimately, which means so as to utilize DaxRobot, you need to use and have trading accounts through DaxBase broker. This presents a second energetic of getting to trust the standing and features with that one broker that’s new to the industry.

DaxRobot Pricing and Availability

DaxRobot Bot Pricing

Use of these trading applications is offered in many locations. This follows a similar version as the parent’s broker DaxBase that’s open to except US residents.

In relation to pricing, DaxRobot is totally free to use, even though the absolute minimum deposit between $250-$500 is required so as to “unlock” each trading platform to utilize. Those that feature on the peak of this very profitable trading plans take a minimum deposit of $500.

For withdrawals and deposits, users have been led to DaxBase to start a merchant account and residue. Deposit techniques that are found comprise Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Skrill, and Netteller. Debit and credit card residues are also offered.

For entry, similar techniques are readily available for traders, and also the processing period with each way is practically instant.

DaxRobot Fees

DaxRobot Deposit DaxRobot Withdrawal

There isn’t any particular fee for utilizing DaxRobot in executing your automated trades. The caveat here nevertheless, in which you’re restricted with the service only in the event that you deposit DaxBase broker and also a minimum of 250. Additionally, this is the situation, even in the event that you would like to define the parameters of your bot, that will be allowed by the ceremony.

There is a 5 percent fee on withdrawals and deposits through debit or credit cards. Besides that, there doesn’t look like some extra penalties imposed by the business.

The Claim

DaxRobot Claims

DaxRobot makes a few claims as a way to pull traders into their own services. At a base grade, they assert to provide automated trading that’s very simple to obtain involved. They assert to become one among the most useful car trading platforms on the market, in which your capital could double, and triple throughout the length of only a single day.

There is a reference to be an award-winning agency to the DaxRobot page also that the method is entirely simplified allowing for the best possibility when trading forex. All these claims are definitely designed with the intent of bringing people that are more prone to forex currency trading with the bait of fast and not too difficult benefits.

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DaxRobot Results

The offering of DaxRobot is quite evident from the beginning. A simple to execute, auto-trading platform or range of strategies that can produce fast, effective results to a bottom line for being a trader.

Indeed the ceremony is extremely simple and fast to enroll. You’ll find though a few bookings that any trader should remember before engaging the ceremony. Primarily, the thought you might double, or triple, your investment within the duration of one afternoon by engaging the machine is wrong and far fetched. This might rely very heavily on the marketplace position and it’s hard to assess just how many those trading robots really can impact that circumstance.

Promoting yields more than 200 percent is very improbable in virtually any area, for example automated trading. This may make it exceptionally hard for DaxRobot to fulfill the claims and amounts recorded on its website. The simple fact that integration is bound by just their particular forex broker can also be disappointing and limiting. The ceremony also asserts to be award-winning, even though no signs of some awards are available.

Overall, the effect got were decent of an agency that’s completely free, but traders shouldn’t be depositing DaxRobot from the hopes of achieving enormous riches instantly. That is very applicable to people that might have had no first purpose of using DaxBase broker.

Trustworthiness and Support

DaxRobot Bonus

This is definitely a significant dilemma, improved further by the very fact DaxRobot is an extremely brand new service and correlated using a forex broker that’s also quite fresh into the industry. Ordinarily we find brokers like Avatrade that are busy from the industry for a number of years tend to be well-regulated. This isn’t true with DaxBasethe parent company of DaxRobot at which you must trade so as to make use of the ceremony. They aren’t regulated, and that is something that triggers caution one of many traders.

The site, even though seeming simple and wellformed, additionally comes with a range of minor errors, like typos. All these are more indicative of a less than professional approach that might irritate users. This is also the effect nevertheless, of this latest launch of surgeries.

Customer service is available via email, phone, and also on-line reside chat that also integrates video along with also an unusual capability to trick your own cha service worker. Nevertheless, every interaction along with question was replied both quickly and thoroughly.

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Who Should Choose DaxRobot?

The agency is apparently geared toward relatively new traders, providing a simple to use service using obviously observable yield amounts encouraged and a simple introduction to the realm of automated trading.

Those that are not used to a could possibly be served best by the DaxRobot agency, but a lot more capable traders could steer clear away from the ceremony once they’ve accumulated more info about additional services or the ability to market their particular trading without getting jumped to using one broker as could be true.


Overall, DaxRobot looks userfriendly in its design, also is true on its own promise in being simple to use. The support provided was very fine, and the agency doesn’t ask for extra fees. This is a brand-new operation over the market, and users must know that this can cause them to become at the mercy of imperfections, as could be viewed through mis-spellings on the site.

Another massive aspect that might discourage users is they will soon be jumped with the corporation broker assistance, without plans rather than expand integration. This broker assistance can also be not regulated.

Ultimately, so as to create a favourable reputation, experience and time is demanded. Considering its new status while in the industry, DaxRobot introduces its offering reasonably well, of course, when given the chance with traders, this might be the positive kick launch that the provider should carry out well within the industry and also enlarge their own offering.





Commissions and charges


Deposits and Withdrawals


Trading Platforms


Customer Service



  • Customer service acts all afforded a constructive and helpful reaction
  • Presented in a very simple and simple to use fashion that can interest a lot of firsttime users of automated trading strategies
  • No extra fees essential to utilize service for all those who intend to trade with DaxBase broker


  • The agency may simply be incorporated together with an individual broker, DaxBase. That is quite prohibitive to traders
  • As a very new company, you may still find some inconsistencies on the business site, and the benefit claims-made would look tricky to attain
  • The partner broker within this circumstance is unregulated as well as very fresh to the business
  • Demo sessions are very basic and just confined by at least one minute in front of you minimum deposit of $250

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