Expert Advisor Builder Review – A Compatible Automated Trading Program


Have you ever heard about Expert Advisor Builder? Expert Advisor Builder is an automated trading application that’s lots of discussion. With various features and their compatibility using MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, also TradeStation, this automated trading app has a fantastic level to offer you. Therefore, are they all they say that they have been? Read our comprehensive review of Expert Advisor Builder and learn about reality.

About Expert Advisor Builder

For your trader that enjoys to utilize automated trading plans, it could be tricky to locate a fantastic program that operates automatically within trading platforms. Many tend not to function as expected, that may be quite unsatisfactory, specially if hardly any money was spent to get accessibility into this app. Luckily, there’s an answer for all these individuals, as Expert Advisor Builder is present to help traders minus needing coding knowledge. Just what will be Expert Advisor Builder, and also what tools is there to offer you? Expert Advisor Builder Main Page

Expert Advisor Builder Product Offerings

This automobile trader tool is highly operational in several unique facets, fundamentally allowing traders to successfully automate their own plans without needing to manually input each trade within the broker. First of all, Expert Advisor Builder is harmonious and fully integrates with the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, along with TradeStation platforms.

One of the significant purposes of Expert Advisor Builder could be that the usage of indexes, notably the capacity to produce customized indexes. Users have access to some high numbers of preexisting indicators they are able to utilize in their graphs. This is a superb feature for anybody who could have a distinctive technique that depends upon specific indexes and situations. For that trader who has custom indexes or purposes, they’re also able to incorporate those tools into the stage, allowing the trader to maximize their experience depending on their preferences. Expert Advisor Builder Features

Traders may additionally customize their trades and requests using a high quantity of options like Time-of-Day trading options, trade durations, custom made sequence times, and much more, available with a click of a checkbox.

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The app also gets the capacity to produce lots of alarms. Traders can get alarms via Email; Print into Journal/Output Window; Audible Alerts; Print to File; and Mobile Notifications. Alerts may be toggled medially Instant Alert and Alert on Open options. Alerts may be hugely valuable to traders, communication needed advice in a handy way. Using alarms can inform the trader of an arrangement completed, which a cost spanned a certain degree, and much more. Expert Advisor Builder AlertsExpert Advisor Builder Binary

Traders have the capacities for Binary Options trading entirely on the MetaTrader 4 stage.

For those users who decided to cover their variant of Expert Advisor Builder, traders may produce automated trading plans that operate based on habit parameters. This automated role is particularly handy for your own trader who doesn’t want to spend a whole lot of time reading candle charts, but wants to capitalize on the most opportunities according to the rules of their strategies.

Expert Advisor Builder Indicators

Getting Started with Expert Advisor Builder

Access to the tools provided by Expert Advisor Builder is very easy and straightforward to attain. There are two versions; one is absolutely free to use, and the other costs a one-time payment of $97 for lifetime access of full functionality within the product. Users can opt for the free version at signup, and upgrade later. As the product operates solely from a webpage, there is no downloading and installing necessary, and will work with any computer that has internet access. Expert Advisor Builder Get StartedExpert Advisor Builder Signup

To start, the user simply needs to enter their name, and an email address. From there, Expert Advisor Builder will give a temporary password that is used, or the user can produce a new password on the spot. This is all that is required to use the platform; once this step is completed, the user will have access to the functions of Expert Advisor Builder. The paid version will work across all platforms (MetaTrader 4 & 5, as well as TradeStation) without the need for multiple purchases. Expert Advisor Builder Account

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Customer Resources

To obtain the trader started and acquainted with the capabilities and functions of Expert Advisor Builder, the platform offers a numerous amount of tutorial videos to guide the new user.

There are a number of tutorial videos offered for MetaTrader 4 including: the creation of indicators; the creation of strategies; the Daily Breakout Strategy; the Daily Breakout Strategy with Pending Orders; Optimization of Strategies; a demonstration on money management; automated entry of trend line breakouts; and the creation of EA from custom indicators. The platform also offers a group of videos (covering most of the equal topics previously mentioned) for use with the TradeStation platform. A tutorial is also available for those traders who wish to trade Binary Options. Expert Advisor Builder Video TutorialsExpert Advisor Builder Manual

An in-depth manual is also available to users. This contains a brief overview of the functions on the platform, as well as video tutorials, and thoroughly detailed examples of executing different functions and indicators. There are also sections for both Indicators and Strategies, allowing the user to fine-tune their query should they need to use the manual to learn how to use the platform.

As an added bonus, Expert Advisor Builder has some free indicators that users can download and use including colored trend candles for both MetaTrader 4 and TradeStation; Trendline Break Alert alert for MetaTrader 4 and TradeStation; and more. A tutorial video also exists to show users how to import the indicators and properly use them.

Expert Advisor Builder Customer Service

To contact the Customer Service sector of Expert Advisor, users should send an email to [email protected] for any concerns or problems that they may have. The Support team should respond in a timely manner to ensure that the user’s needs and concerns are addressed appropriately. A small 5-question FAQ also exists towards the bottom of Expert Advisor Builder’s main webpage. Expert Advisor Builder FAQ


There are a lot of automated trading platforms out there. Expert Advisor Builder stands out amongst automated trading platforms, allowing users to automate their strategies in the trading of forex, commodities, assets, and more. However, when it comes down to the bottom line, individuals must before all else do their own research to see if this platform is the right fit. The free version of Expert Advisor Builder offers a large amount of function and capability. When compared to a service like TradingView, however, the program does pale a little in comparison, though the two services are fundamentally different. TradingView does offer scripts (through Pine Script) and indicators, as well as the ability to trade through different brokers. Depending on the service desired, a user would have to pay a monthly subscription fee for TradingView (which does have a little more capability than Expert Advisor Builder, including cryptocurrency stores ) whereas the paid version of Expert Advisor Builder requires only one payment for lifetime access. Expert Advisor Builder Possibilities

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Conclusions For Expert Advisor Builder

Expert Advisor Builder is a great tool for any trader looking to automate their strategies in the trading of forex, assets, and commodities. The platform allows users to customize their technical analysis with the use of a wide variety of indicators, as well as the ability to produce custom indicators. The platform is compatible with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and TradeStation for an intuitive trading experience.

Expert Advisor Builder




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Deposits and Withdrawals


Trading Platforms


Customer Service



  • Fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 & 5, and TradeStation
  • Large capability with free access
  • Ability to set different alerts
  • Ability to produce custom indicators
  • Highly customizable orders


  • No social platform where users can communicate and share ideas
  • Does not offer nearly the equal amount of services that other platforms do
  • Looks fairly basic aesthetically
  • Limited FAQ and Customer Support contact options
  • Could be compatible with more than 3 different platforms

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