FTMO Review – Is Their Funded Forex Accounts Program Legit?


Have you ever learned of FTMO and their financed forex account application? FTMO is providing their customers training and much more to help them become finance managers, however untrue would be they? Before you purchase, browse our review to find out the reality.

What is FTMO?

In a few words, FTMO is definitely an internet proprietary firm that offers capital for traders, especially – powerful traders that pass a struggle. The only real mission of the provider is to find powerful forex traders and also turn them Fund Managers by allowing traders to trade FTMO’s financed accounts and receive 70 percent of established benefits, whilst without any capital for their own. Sounds pretty straightforward and very alluring, but is it so?

The Beginning of FTMO

FTMO appeared on the marketplace in 2014 under an alternative name ziskejucet.cz – ‘Ziskej Ucet’ literally descends from Czech as’ ‘Get your account’. The job had been launched in Prague by the present CEO and Founder Otakar Suffner and has been basically targeted at taxpayers of Czech Republic. Anybody can still uncover ziskejucet.cz, like a question of fact it’s still fully usable and accessible for taxpayers of Czech Republic, the principal distinction could be the most significant initial funding offered by the business – 2,000,000 CZK that’s roughly USD 86,000.

As the project grew and creators could procure more funds, in May 2017 the company established their international variant of the job below the name of FTMO.com, which is currently well regarded among Forex Traders. FTMO Team

What makes FTMO stand-out?

Unlike its competitors FTMO is structured and is apparently truly centered on their customers (traders). Though every challenge player has to cover so as to take part in the Challenge and obtain yourself a chance at managing FTMO’s funding, the provider offers additional tools to aid traders together with their own trading, daily usage of technical and fundamental investigation, own accounts metrics, and also most of all – a Trading Psychologist. Yes, you read it directly, FTMO provides a Trading Psychologist, pretty many like Wendy Rhoades from the most popular Showtime series ‘Billions’. Yet another distinguishing characteristic of FTMO is trial. Free Trial lets traders to find the way a Challenge is organised, access each of these tools, and feel in the shoes of a paying struggle player without even needing a dime.

FTMO Challenge

Challenge has become the most significant part of FTMO, to be frank, the whole business revolves around the struggle. Challenge is a more straightforward test procedure, and it is a means of assessing forex traders until anybody is obtained virtually any financing. Two measures would be the Challenge as well as the Verification phases.

FTMO says that the path (challenge) is specifically made to detect trading ability over the trader. Upon successful conclusion of this Challenge, the trader has obtained a positioning at the FTMO Proprietary Trading business, where traders obtain to afford capital up to $100,000. First funding allowed for trading later profitably completing the Challenge is dependent upon the sort of merchant accounts that the trader selects, we’ll discuss different account types a tiny bit later in this report. Funded FTMO Traders obtain to maintain 70 percent of their benefits generated, of course when any losses arise that the corporation will insure them.

FTMO Registration Process

Before participating in the Challenge, traders need to enroll with FTMO, immediately off traders have been awarded two options – either Trial or perhaps a Full Challenge. FTMO Trial or Challenge

No matter what option is preferred, the first idea to accomplish, is to supply general advice to the Account, all of the given information could be modified at any stage from the profile portion of Client Area. FTMO Registration Form

After submitting the important points, FTMO will send a contact to the given email with Client Area details along with also an email verification connection.

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Challenge Application

Once the trader earnings access into the Client Area, it will become essential to submit an application for challenging. FTMO Challenge Application

Challenge program requires traders to create Many decisions: IMAGE 6 – Challenge 1

  1. Base currency of this accounts: the Decision is Limited to EUR or USD
  2. Risk: Traders are confronted with just two options ‘Normal’ or’ ‘Aggressive’
  3. Normal hazard option enables the greatest loss in 10 percent, in addition to sets a benefit target of 10 percent, while still requiring traders to keep no longer than 5 percent loss on any certain day.
  4. b) Aggressive hazard option enables the greatest loss in 20 percent, in addition to sets a benefit target of 20 percent, while still requiring traders to keep only 10% loss on any certain day. Though benefit target climbs with competitive risk option, it may still be considered a superior option for high-income traders, basket traders and traders using excessively competitive trading strategies, that necessitate additional ‘breathing space’ for its trades.
  5. Initial Capital: Initial funding ranges from $10,000 up to $100,000. Higher funding necessitates higher involvement payment, moreover, picking Aggressive risk will limit trader into your max of 50,000.
  6. Broker: FTMO Provides a selection of 10 brokers – Admiral Markets, Purple Trading, IC Markets, BOSSA, XM Markets, Blueberry Markets, ThinkMarkets, CrescoFX, CMC Markets and GBE Brokers. All brokers supply a vast selection of trading tools, 50 money pairs, in addition to several CFDs and Indices. If trading design Demands tight spreads, then FTMO made it Feasible to compare spreads of their encouraged brokers the Following: https://ftmo.com/en/broker-review/
  7. Account Type: kind of account accessible is determined by the selected broker
  8. Trading Platformthe equal position much like the accounts type s, Trading Platforms are provided by the brokers, every broker supplies MetaTrader 4, a few offer MetaTrader 5, 5 plus Purple Trading offers cTrader.
  9. Billing Information: that info is removed from the enrollment form, but it could be modified, so as to coordinate with the charging information of this payment tool, if they’re not the same as the people provided during enrollment.
  10. Last but not the least is your payment for involvement. Payment could be produced in four distinct manners – Paypal, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Wire or even Skrill. Paypal and Skrill could possess 3 percent added into the charged amount, because of the processing fee, as FTMO will not insure them. FTMO Payment

Step 1 – Challenge Phase

The Challenge could be the before all else measure of trader test process, also it might last up to 30 continuous days, however provided that trading objectives are satisfied no rules are broken, and it might be performed sooner. Traders should keep in mindthat if the task is complete until 1 month, it’s crucial to own slightly 10 trading days!

During the battle, traders Must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 10 trading days
  2. Not less than 50 percent of trading days to become favorable
  3. Reach a benefit goal of 10 percent
  4. Maximum daily reduction to Stay under 5 percent of their Entire equity
  5. Make sure complete reduction on the accounts Won’t Ever exceed 10 percent *

**In competitive risk mode every one of the monetary requirements is 2x.

*! NB:’ FTMO’s ‘total loss’ actually denotes the drawdown, traders need to be somewhat careful, after all, actual drawdown is predicated upon the equity. If at any certain time account equity drops underneath 90 percent – that the task will be lost therefore might be the task involvement fees.

Step 2 – Verification Phase

This is actually the last stage of this test procedure. FTMO says that, the intention behind this Verification point would be to try the trading consistency of an individual trader. Verification phase has relatively lax rules instead of this struggle phase. At the Verification, the Profit Target is reduced by half and traders need to ‘survive’ and keep consistent for the following 60 days. Once more, FTMO makes it possible for traders to finish this period at under 60 days, however, less than at 10 trading days.

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During the confirmation, traders Must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 10 trading days
  2. Not less than 50 percent of trading days to become favorable
  3. Reach a benefit goal of 5 percent, compared to 10% throughout the struggle stage
  4. Maximum daily reduction to Stay under 5 percent of their Entire equity
  5. Make certain complete reduction on the accounts Won’t Ever exceed 10 percent (Drawdown)

**In competitive risk mode every one of the monetary requirements is 2x.

FTMO Challenge Accounts

Traders who want to get involved in the struggle and obtain yourself a go at being a Fund Manager to get FTMO may select from 4 accounts type s – challenge balances don’t have any gap medially these aside from its Initial Deposit amount guaranteed by FTMO after completing the process. FTMO Accounts

If your trader wants to get an attempt at a Funded Account with high initial funding, however, is unable or reluctant to pay for the commission, FTMO comes with a climbing plan.

Scaling plan allows capital gain to come to pass in four-month cycles. For a funding gain, the trader must accomplish an overall entire profit of slightly 10 percent in just four consecutive months out of that slightly two months need to stay positive. Traders who triumph with climbing objectives could ask their funding to be boosted from 25 percent. The best thing concerning the climbing plan is the fact that it does not have any ceiling if your trader is consistently earning 10 percent or higher every four weeks, trading capital could continue to keep getting boosted by 25 percent. FTMO Scaling Plan

Who will combine FTMO?

Literally anybody from any place on earth could combine FTMO, slightly that is what the company asserts to be the instance. FTMO Who

However, prior to linking some Forex Challenge, it’s a good idea to appear somewhat further straight a way, to this purpose once the trader starts managing company capital. When traders trade for those who, however, it’s considered Fund / Asset Management, and for that reason some regional restrictions may possibly employ. We strongly advise all traders to look for help from an area attorney, if such activity is allowed from the nation, or if certain certificates may possibly be deemed necessary.

Tools for Traders

As we said at the start of this guide, FTMO isn’t your regular Funded Account provided they really do go the additional mile in terms of looking after these traders. Because of this sense, FTMO is promoting two or three tools that will help traders grow and study on own mistakes.

Account MetriX

This is a custom made tool made by FTMO solely due to his or her traders. Account MetriX is an online tool, which tracks trader’s advancement to become a Funded Trader.

Account MetriX enables traders to really have a Complete Summary of the Trading Objectives

  • General Information Regarding your Challenge
  • un Overview of goals
  • Balance and equity Indicator
  • Daily Summary
  • Daily reduction for your afternoon
  • Risk/Reward Ratio
  • Average Profit/Loss
  • Expectancy and Profit FactorFTMO Account MetriX

Every veteran trader knows that information may be generated from the trading terminal, calculated by themselves or generated in greater detail by services like Myfxbook, FX Blue or MQL5. But despite the fact that, it’s wonderful to get this information handy on your Client Area. It’s particularly pleasant to own the complete breakdown of the targets and losses directly facing you, whenever you have spent your hard-earned money from the struggle.

Statistical Application

The Statistical Application displays number-based probabilities of marketplace behavior that traders may use for their convenience. FTMO Statistical App

This is an intriguing application, which lots of traders will discover handy. We can’t discuss the accuracy of given advice, nevertheless, a few of the features are unquestionably favorable. Range traders will surely love Range Analysis of this tool. FTMO Range

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Mentor Application

The Mentor Application helps traders reach far better results through strengthening their subject. It’s well worth mentioning that Mentor Application just works while in the Metatrader 4 and also Metatrader 5 stage, it’s perhaps not readily available for cTrader or some other online platforms. Mentor Application is a complex reminder or notifier, its objective is to inform a trader via Alerts from Terminal, Emails or Push Notifications if certain specified states of the accounts are met.

FTMO Mentor Application1FTMO Mentor Application2

Economic Calendar

Last but not least mention-worthy application is an Economic Calendar. Economic Calendar given by FTMO has nothing special about any of it, being a question of fact, it’s underneath basic. But it’s one extremely essential purpose – it exhibits events throughout which gambling is strictly illegal. Trading five full minutes after restricted events are going to be an underlying reason for immediate account termination. FTMO Calendar

Future of FTMO

We achieved to FTMO’s direction and demand them regarding any prospective growth strategies for their business, here is the answer we obtained:

It is our longterm objective to conceive an global finance of powerful retail traders and also have investors to put money into our portfolio. None the less, this is a longterm plan since we’ve stated. Currently, traders just afford private funds even as we continue to be on the lookout for more traders and growing our undertaking.


Since FTMO is one among the oldest Funded Trader businesses, plus yet one which is apparently engaging together with their customers, they really do have an adequate number of reviews. Regular review score is 4.5, but thanks to a questionable reviews, we’d love to keep from focusing on objectivity this particular score. Lots of reviews on FPA https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/15019/ftmo-forex-training seem very much like and virtually meticulous. Reviewers are giving 5 stars into the business in a struggle phase, and also to his or her own tools, which since you currently are simple tools supplied by plenty of services. The following consideration is endorsement of trading rules, FTMO’s trading rules are pretty strict and quite demanding, and usually professional traders will probably be a delay with such rules, perhaps not endorse them.

FTMO comes with a busy thread on ForexFactory, which anybody can get by checking here: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=707034, ” the CEO himself is answering a great deal of questions and assisting traders together with their everyday troubles.

Conclusions For FTMO

Successful traders possess a number of different tactics to obtain financing, notably without paying an organization for Implementing irrational group of rules, which aren’t just very stern, but may frequently be the most important source of collapse. FTMO asserts to be seeking serious traders, that is able to generate consistent benefits, at precisely the equal time, they also allow traders in order to complete the stages of their struggle over 20 trading days. Extremely little 20-day lengthy activity is considered consistent. No trading program will probably soon be profitable, not to mention capable of delivering 10 percent monthly. When a trader unites the struggle throughout a few of unfavourable months, then spent participation fee is going to undoubtedly be lost, in addition to the chance to get financing from FTMO. Obviously, when you’re one of those traders that never experienced a losing and 10% benefit monthly is not anything unusual – FTMO may be an excellent option.





Commissions and charges


Deposits and Withdrawals


Trading Platforms


Customer Service



  • CEO publicly speaks into the people
  • Scaling Plan to gain funds
  • Good Selection of Brokers
  • Trading Psychologist for Traders


  • High involvement charges
  • Rules Are Extremely negative
  • Tools are fairly fundamental
  • Educational movies aren't for skilled traders
  • Trading through important information Isn't permitted

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