FX Blue Review – Are These Forex Trading Apps Worth It?


Platform, FX Blue, has had the trading world by storm. The FX Blue platform provides its users with professional investigation, dependable statement sharing, plus a lot of longer because they go on to enlarge. Sounds fantastic, but can it be legit? Before you conduct into FX Blue, be certain that you see our total review.

About FX Blue

FX Blue is across the industry for at least a couple of years. The business keeps the goal by that it started over ten years past. That’s primarily to offer an analytical established service for traders who want to test their trades with an increase of comprehensive charting along with other expert style features, as well as oftentimes share them using town. FX Blue services are available at no cost and are cross-platform, growing most the time.

FX Blue Landing Screen


Of the forex programs we’ve reviewed, FX Blue sticks outside as a result of the sheer amount of features that it manages to package in to one ceremony. These include a total of 36 independent software, 29 which is trader software, and 9 which is programmer tools. All feed to provide you one of the very extensive services within the forex market.

FX Blue Features and Tools

FX Blue Competitions

Professional Charting and Indicators

One of the significant features supplied by FX Blue having the ability to favorably influence the advancement of traders would be that the complex charting and also professional indexes that they produce available. From a number of the highest forex brokers we’ve reviewed, several have opted to incorporate FX Blue charting along with alternative services to follow their particular offerings.

Trade Copier

Another significant portion of this FX Blue range of features and services is that the power for traders not to merely analyze their particular performance metrics using high-level charting functionality, but also to also share with them with all town.

The FX Blue array of programs includes famous brands this FX Blue Personal Trade Copier that offers this advice for its usage of traders. When it might not rival the such as of dedicated professional signs services like Forex Signals, it functions as a viable feature for anybody using FX Blue on all platforms.

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Free of Charge and Ever-Expanding

One of the largest things to keep in mind in regard to FX Blue may be that the simple fact that the vast majority of the services and programs they supply are all at no charge and also for the profit of their trading area.

This includes their assortment of free software that gives an ever-growing quantity of features.

FX Blue Charting

Trading Platform Integration

Many may possibly function as fact FX Blue just works through Metatrader platforms. While that is mainly the situation, the announcement sharing agency additionally works using cTrader and a plethora of other proprietary programs offered through famous brands Oanda and also other brokers.

FX Blue Spreads

FX Blue Pricing and Availability

As we’ve mentioned previously, probably one of the very favorable and special aspects in regards to FX Blue may be that it is worked at no cost. This can place it above a few competitions like myfxbook, though some traders can associate the pricing with an accuracy of information provided.

The simple fact that FX Blue is additionally available across a variety of platforms including MT4, MT5, and also cTrader will likewise adapt traders and brokers throughout the market.

The Claim

There are really no bold claims made by FX Blue. They have been sticking into the target details at the supply of their own services. This is actually a part of their community-based strategy.

The simple fact that the professional services and programs provided by FX Blue can run using a totally free basis usually means there is essentially no endeavor to “sell” the profits of FX Blue because you can see additional announcement sharing services.

All in all, the service provided is more comprehensive, even though it could well not be preferred for use with forex traders, it surely adds an even broader view to trading for most, none of whom may assert with the cost or results that they’ve generated inside the wider picture of this business.

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The Results

The consequences that traders have obtained from FX Blue within time are largely optimistic. Some might assert that they might well not obtain the equal heights of nail accuracy they may possibly along with different services. That is done supplied by the free offering of those FX Blue programs though, and also the simple fact the organization has existed for at least ten years will be due to the very good consequences they’ve obtained.

Whatever could be said concerning the outcomes of using someone of those FX Blue services, usually the sole certain point is why these put in an excellent deal more detail and degree of professionalism to a single ‘s trading moves. This is convinced enough to justify a place on the list of very best names in a such as FX Blue.

Trustworthiness and Support

FX Blue could be reached directly through the feedback form on the site. Additionally they even have a very helpful FAQ section gift for any questions that you might have. This can look to be a restricted provider, but given that the complimentary and objective character of the services supplied by FX Blue is helping enhance the trading area, this appears to be adequate sufficient one of many.

Some brokers that are well-integrated using FX Blue Labs can also offer additional advice where required in case you’ve got questions.

Who Should Choose FX Blue

The FX Blue agency offers detailed and of use analysis and also an expansion into the powerful capabilities of high trading platforms such as MT4. These are able to be of profit extensively to some trader within a in any way levels.

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The supply of 3 6 individual program add ons ensures that while some is best suitable for individuals who’re more capable in gambling, many may even end up being accessible and supply a more specific level of profit to people with almost any degree of experience. Many can help more newcomer traders to understand the marketplace data and also eventually become more associated with trading consequently.

FX Blue Analysis


Ultimately, FX Blue has existed since 2009. This itself stipulates that the provider provides an extremely handy selection of services around the business. Put into this usefulness of lots of the company services and products is the simple fact that they’re given for complimentary usage. This is something that is increasingly rare within the business and also absolutely to be welcomed in a positive way.

As FX Blue continues to expand its own repertoire of available programs, in addition, it has been keeping both relevant and desired by traders seeking expert investigation, dependable announcement sharing plus a lot of more across the business.

Continued growth of stage integration and also the release of more programs may assist you to ensure the continuation of FX Blue at the mind of this when it comes to trading and analysis applications.

FX Blue




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Trading Platforms


Customer Service



  • Transparent operational version that is incorporated with the majority of major trading programs
  • Reliable and popular on the market for at least a couple of years
  • Free of credit use all through the catalog of 30 growing and tools


  • The branch of every app and tool can get the service seem laborious and difficult to use for several traders
  • Some traders might like the truth of additional, paid programs for announcement sharing particularly

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