MetaTrader Review – Is This the Best Trading Platform?


MetaTrader is still perhaps one of the absolute most, though not the very widely used Forex Trading Platform from the planet, it’s chiefly employed by Forex Traders, nevertheless, MetaTrader platform is employed to work at any marketplace and allows trading of Futures, CFDsForex, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and also any additional curricular stock for this issue.

History of MetaTrader

MetaTrader Trading Terminal because we all know it now has been produced from the calendar year 2003, but the narrative of its production begins a lot sooner. The narrative of MetaTrader begins in the calendar year 2000, when MetaQuotes (MetaQuotes Software Corp.) has been launched and published ‘FX Charts’ Software. ‘FX Charts’ has been a charting application that now seems strikingly straightforward, but in those days it’s generated quite a commotion and gained plenty of attention from the general public, owing to its accessibility to retail traders.

High interest in ‘FX Charts’ caused MetaQuotes team to produce a fresh, exceptionally operational trading platform under a unique new – MetaQuotes only in just a month in their initial computer software launching. However, most of all besides using a great deal of additional functionality, the major feature which brought tens and thousands of users, has been an integral speech for programming (MQL), that enabled manual programming of trading plans.

Three years later initial program release, in the summer of 2003, MetaQuotes published a brand-new, built up the ground, packed up with a lot more functionality – MetaTrader Trading Platform. At precisely, the similarly point MetaTrader started gaining tremendous popularity among Forex Brokers all around the world, overtaking increasingly more of this Forex Trading Platform Market share. At a similar period, together with the launch of MetaTrader Trading Platform, MetaQuotes published a better variant of MetaQuotes Language – MQL II.

MetaQuotes happen to be ahead of your contest as it came into Trading Platform creations, therefore, in the long run of the year 2003, MetaQuotes published the first portable trading terminal ‘MetaTrader 3 CE’ and also ‘MetaTrader for Palm’ that has been accompanied with a second upgrade to MetaQuotes Programming Language – MQL3.

MetaTrader Logo

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

In the conclusion of 2004 MetaQuotes made a statement regarding the release of the new MetaTrader 4 Trading Terminal, the release has been intended for the summer of 2005, also as guaranteed ‘MetaTrader 4’ premiered to the people directly right on program onto the 1 st of July 2005.


MetaTrader 4 enabled ‘Data Center’ connectivity,” that will be proved to be an enormous advancement into the security and stability of this platform, reduced loading on your host and forced DDOS attacks on the stage nearly outdated. At precisely the similarly point MetaQuotes Language got an extremely serious upgrade. MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL 4) which enabled to conceive trading bots, scripts, technical indicators, and also serve libraries such as ‘MetaTrader 4’.

MT4 Interface

MetaTrader 4 is currently designed for Windows, Android, iOS, along with VM emulation on Linux and also Mac-OS down from Catalina.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Five years later releasing a few of the very frequently used and many outstanding Forex Trading Platform, MetaQuotes published a brand new version using a Trading Platform – MetaTrader 5the similarly period MetaQuotes published MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5), that nonetheless again attracted lots of major upgrades to the heart of MQL programming. Regrettably MetaTrader 5 isn’t backward compatible with custom-made applications written in MQL4, which explains why even before this afternoon a great deal of Traders and Brokers are adhering with MT4.


MetaTrader 5 is currently designed for Windows, Android, iOS, along with VM emulation on Linux and also Mac-OS down from Catalina.

A complete debut to MetaTrader 5 is currently on MetaQuotes official YouTube Channel.

MT5 Interface

Platform Features

Thanks to skill to program clients indexes, robots, scripts and scripts, MetaTrader could be really the most feature-rich Forex Trading Platforms from the globe. Out of this box MetaTrader comes equipped with a huge array of analytical tools, permitting complete technical investigation and also complete automatization of every component of just one ‘s trading. Each trading tool is exhibited in many diverse time frames, MetaTrader 4 lets 9-time frames, whereas MetaTrader 5 allows 2 1 different interval for any graph.

MetaTrader includes different heaps of builtin technical signs, in addition to graphical items, to facilitate and enhance the procedure for technical investigation, entrance and exit point conclusion, and enabling an exceptionally thorough investigation of amount actions. Further in the following essay, we’ll review the main aspects of MetaTrader in more detail.

Charting Tools

As we’ve mentioned earlier in the day, dependent to the MetaTrader variant, it is going to come wither with 9 or 2 1 different timeframes along with also an ability to draw several objects on almost any graph, in addition, to set a huge number of unique indexes on the graph, in addition to in distinct windows.

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MetaTrader is one of those programs that enables you to completely automate trader’s graph analysis and reading procedure. Now you’ll find hundreds of applications that allow an extremely profound, real-time analysis of almost any graph in MetaTrader.

Many brokers now employ MQL developers to build design recognition applications to his or her MetaTrader platforms. Two of the well-known brokers with developments with their MetaTrader Trading Terminals are Admiral Markets and Swissquote.

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors or only EAs – are investing in robots or automated trading strategies, which is written within MetaQuotes Language (MQL) to MetaTrader, as a way to automate the trading procedure, investigation, and several different activities otherwise done by hand.

Expert Advisors turned into an increasingly integrated component of thousands and thousands of traders, brokers and organizations within business that uses MetaTrader in virtually any manner. Expert Advisors became crucial not simply because of assist using trading or analysis automation, however, because EAs may simply take any major role and put in an enormous quantity of functionality to the Trading Platform.

All MetaTrader models allow the production of habit EAs, even though, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 features an ‘MQL5 Wizard’ integral, it allows the production of EAs without needing any programming skills and sometimes even appearing ‘under the hood’. Of course traders won’t have the ability to conceive very complicated EAs with a Wizard Tool, however, ‘MQL5 Wizard’ is adequate allowing the production of an Expert Advisor of marginally above average sophistication.

A detailed explanation for MQL5 Wizard is found on MQL5 official site.

Official MetaQuotes site is one of the primary databases of custom-coded EAs for MetaTrader.

Meta Trader 5 EAs

MetaTrader 4 EAs

MQL5 Experts

Overlooked Features of EAs

Expert Advisors tend to be significantly more than tools for automation, so we’ll mention only a few of hottest procedures to get EA utilisation.

Trade Copying – MetaTrader EAs are frequently employed by Fund Managers (Asset Managers) and Signal providers to copy-trade. Many of copy-trade EAs arrive at a paid – one EA is currently a ‘Master’, also its counterpart – a’ ‘Slave’, that receives directions from the ‘Master’ EA and plays those activities on the stage at which it’s set up. Additionally, there are some EAs that happen to be programmed to get data from the particular server, in the place of the other EA, quite usually a trader may possibly have an extremely complex applications operate on a remote server and also send guidelines to many EAs, that may soon be acting based on the guidelines received from the machine.

Risk Management – with EAs for hazard management continues to be gaining popularity not merely one of traders, but also stock management corporations, investment capital, and almost any association or person, that require safeguards for almost any specific trading accounts. Risk Management calls for notifications when certain requirements are met, e.g. to a lot of equity will be used or significant news release is coming up, EAs may additionally induce hard ceases, by shutting all available places is something happens. And naturally you will find Risk Management EAs that hedge trader’s rankings dependent on amount movement and portfolio or ‘bucket’ opinion.

Real-Time Data Scraping and Monitoring – that may be useful for a variety of purposes, some times brokers may possibly be yanking amount feed out of one another, other times somebody else may want to produce current trades onto a web site or within a program.


MetaTrader indexes are all analytic tools that are normally set up as an overlay over the graph or adjacent to it. Indicators usually are utilized to specify marketplace opinion, what’s the specific situation with demand and supply, and also help identify or support resistance and support zones. Obviously, above mentioned functions are all the available options that come with MetaTrader Indicators, notably after all like Expert Advisors, Indicators could be customized by anybody, but those are the chief capabilities.

Furthermore, MetaTrader lets input signs – there’s not any limit the number of indexes may appear on the graph, one placed across the opposite, and in precisely the similar time frame no limitation to the number of indexes could seep each other in a different window. Below is a simple example of the index overlay:

Indicators Overlay

Overlaying signs are of use in the event of trading strategies that require a trader to make use of a great deal of indicators simultaneously, notably similarly index with numerous settings.

Overlaying Process

Biggest assortment of MetaTrader 4 Indicators

Biggest assortment of MetaTrader 5 Indicators


MetaTrader Scripts really are a succession of activities or one activity, that will be triggered only once the script is triggered. Traders can scatter scripts to switch mixes or drag and drop programs on the graph, the place where a specific action or some couple of has to be achieved.

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Originally scripts had been rather straightforward action activates, like generating trading accounts, clearing graphs, removing all indicators or objects in graphs, altering period of charts, or even close multiple places with an individual activate. Now nevertheless, MetaTrader Scripts are more progress and their functionality isn’t simply confined by the developer ‘s imagination.

Here are a few of those funniest script examples, that is publicly available for downloading in MQL’s official site:

Downloadable Scripts

Best MetaTrader 4 Scripts

Best MetaTrader 5 Scripts


Libraries are components using special functionality, that may be readily inserted in an Indicator or an Expert Advisor. Libraries are utilised to simplify code-writing in addition to develop the rate of production.

Here is an example of an easy library, that allows to determine whether a broker is utilizing 5 or 4 digits

MetaTrader Library Example

Of course not all of the libraries possess only a couple lines of code, so a few libraries are often complex as being a full-blown program.

Free MetaTrader 4 Libraries

Free MetaTrader 5 Libraries

News and Alerts

MetaTrader possesses an incorporated news-feed, it’s relatively nominal and doesn’t usually have a lot of data about any specific event, but it can still be beneficial for some users. Users who wish to have access to a good news feed are better off by downloading an Economical Calendar Indicator for their Trading platform and adding it to the chart.

Alerts! MetaTrader Alerts are nothing special, but a very useful and often overlooked feature available in the platform by default. MetaTrader allows setting up alerts for specific values of Bid or Ask amount, e.g. when amount reaches a certain level MetaTrader will notify the trader. Alerts are available in few different ways – sound alert, email notification, push notification on a mobile device, or a text message. Alerts in MetaTrader can come in very handy, but – alerts will only work while the computer with the terminal and alert is running.

MetaTrader Alert

Signals (Copy-Trading)

Signals are one of the most interesting parts of MetaTrader – MetaTrader signals allow anyone to automatically copy trades and orders from a ‘Signal Provider’. MetaQuotes has Signals marketplace on their website, where any trader comes a Signal Provider and anyone else can subscribe and copy the Signal.

At this moment there are over 4,000 Signals for MetaTrader 4 and more than 500 Signals available to copy for MetaTrader 5. All signals are easily accessible via MQL5 official website, as well as in the Signals section of MetaTrader Platform.

MetaTrader Signals Overview

MetaQuotes does a great job providing all the necessary information to evaluate any Signal before subscribing to it. In addition to detailed information about each Signal subscribers can review statistics, risk analysis, as well as read reviews from other users, and even check average slippage between Signal Provider’s broker and various other brokers.

MetaTrader Signals Analysis

Video Tutorial ‘How to set up signs in MetaTrader’

MetaTrader Mobile Trading

MetaTrader was the before all else mobile Forex trading platform – ‘MetaTrader 3 CE’ and ‘MetaTrader Palm’, nowadays it is available natively on Windows, Android and iOS – Windows Mobile and Palm versions were discontinued. And MetaTrader is available with the use of Virtual Machines on Linux (Wine) and Mac (Parallels).

Many brokers provide access to MetaTrader Web Trader – an online trading platform with a similar interface as MetaTrader desktop, but slightly more restrictive functionality. Web Trader does now allow usage of custom-built tools, but otherwise it works similarly as a desktop application.

MetaTrader Web Trader

Web Trader is not a free add-on for brokers, brokers are required to pay 500 USD every month in order to be able to provide Web Trader for their clients. Even though 500 USD it is a very little amount for an average Forex broker, due to lack of demand for Web Trading most brokers do not want to spend any money on software that will not be utilised.

Reliability of MetaTrader

Since MetaTrader 4 was rolled out, it is safe to say that platform is quite reliable from the broker’s side it is not too prone to malicious attacks. MetaTrader encrypts all sensible data which is being sent to the trading server for identity validation purposes.

Because MetaTrader allows custom Expert Advisors, it is important for traders to be very careful when using 3rd party EAs – some MetaTrader EAs might share some sensible data with others or even act maliciously on your machine.

MetaTrader for Brokers

MetaQuotes offers a very good solution for Brokers that wish to have MetaTrader as their Platform of choice, MetaTrader comes with two additional platforms – ‘MetaTrader Admin’ and ‘MetaTrader Manager’, both tools are used to manage the trading side of the business. There are more tools that are being used with MetaTrader, but we will only cover 3 of the most important ones, the third one being a Virtual Dealer Plugin.

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MetaTrader Manager

The ‘Manager’ is usually used by employees with above-average access level and responsibilities, primarily those employees who might need to be able to review internal (MT4) information about individual traders, and be able to modify it. MetaTrader Manager allows creating Trading Accounts in certain ‘Trading Groups’ – on Live and Demo servers, perform ledger operations, such as adding and removing funds, and change some minor account settings, including passwords (passwords are not visible for the staff via Manager).

In other words, MetaTrader Manager is used for Trader and Risk Management, as well as Back-Office and Dealing desk control.

MetaTrader Admin

The ‘Admin’ platform is, as the name suggests – the most advanced and important tool in the broker’s arsenal which is used to manage the trading server and everything related to it. MetaTrader Admin access is usually granted only to a couple of people within the company – Product Owner / General Manager and their superiors, often not even all superiors will have access to Admin Platform.

MetaTrader Admin platform allows changing every single aspect of trading, most commonly used features are: the creation of trading groups (different account types), modification of orders (correction of fills), adjustment of markups (increase/decrease spreads and/or commissions) and making changes to swap rates (when interest rates change). Of course functionality of ‘MetaTrader Admin’ goes far mentioned functions, but other functions are not very relevant to this review.

MetaTrader Virtual Dealer Plugin

This is one of the most interesting tools which is used by most MetaTrader brokers – this tool is not provided by the MetaQuotes, but rather purchased from a third-party company, which develops tools and plugins for MetaTrader platform. Virtual Dealer Plugin is considered a risk management tool because it helps brokers eliminate certain risks. For example, during certain events a chosen group of people is switched from marketplace trading to a sand-box (from A-book to B-book). More often Virtual Dealer Plugins are used to conceive artificial slippage during opening and/or closing of the trade, more often both ways than one.

MetaTrader 4 and 5 Licensing

As of 2019 MetaQuotes is no longer providing new MetaTrader 4 licenses to any brokers, because for almost 10 years MetaTrader 4 has ruled the marketplace, but MetaTrader 5 remained in the shade and nobody wanted to switch over due to high licensing fees and lack of backward compatibility.

License for MetaTrader 4 used to cost a broker 100,000.00 USD, besides the fee brokers had to pay monthly fees to MetaQuotes, fees had to be paid for Desktop Platform support ~1,500 USD, Mobile Platform Support ~1,000 USD, Web Platform Support ~500 USD. Any broker that was willing to add MetaTrader 5 as their platform had to pay the similar license fee and all the applicable monthly fees.

Nowadays MetaQuotes has slightly changed their licensing process of MetaTrader 5, to ease the financial burden off the brokers and coerce everybody to switch from MT4 to MT5.

MT5 Licensing

Apparently based on the active client base of a broker the fees will vary, however as it is evident from the picture, Web and Mobile terminals are still “optional”, hence, they are to be paid monthly as add-ons on any plan.

Detailed information about licensing is available at MetaTrader 5 official site.

Conclusions For MetaTrader

No doubt that MetaTrader will remain one of the most popular Forex Trading Platforms in 2020, but due to issues with tools compatibility between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, and discontinuation of MT4 technical support, it might be one of the last years for MetaTrader as the most popular Forex Trading Platform. Moreover MetaQuotes haven’t developed everything as radical because they used to in lots of decades today, their rivalry alternatively has.






  • Very straightforward to master and contains intuitive interface.
  • Ability to app possess applications - EAs, Indicators and Scripts.
  • Multi-Lingual - MetaTrader is localised to more than 20 languages.
  • Has Built-in Back-Testing Functionality & Automated Optimisation.
  • Platform is crossplatform.


  • MetaTrader 4 service was ceased leaving MT4 Brokers.
  • Only MetaQuotes could create changes and fix problems.
  • Faulty EA or Indicator might create irreversible corruption of Platform requiring reinstallation.
  • Lack of backward compatibility for habit components between MT5 and MT4.

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