MyDigiTrade Review – Does Copy Trading ACTUALLY Work?


MyDigiTrade is an internet societal and backup trading platform that features a massive community of traders, features, and education options. Can MyDigiTrade have the features of your trading requirements? Examine this thorough review and find out more about MyDigiTrade.

About MyDigiTrade

MyDigiTrade (MDT) really is a large social and copy trading platform that provides traders using a dynamic network of traders and also the power to pick from top Forex signal providers by using their services. In addition they give a range of education options of their infrastructure to empower Forex traders to be much increasingly more aware and knowledgeable about societal trading, forex method, and also ways you can obtain started trading Forex.

MDT has existed since 2010 once these were set by a bunch of independent traders. They’ve cultivated over the years to grow into one of many top rated societal trading platforms and indicate providers within the business.

MyDigiTrade Landing Screen

MyDigiTrade Features

MDT allows us a selection of helpful features that can make it rewarding for Forex traders of many types to participate with their own platform. That does work when you’re a trader who’s only trying to stick to a few high trading signs, provide your own personal signs, or just find out more about this Forex business.

Automated Trading

MyDigiTrade Trading Terminal

This is an integral factor of this service given my MyDigiTrade. It totally automatic the trading process for your benefit. It follows that whatever you should do is find the best traders on the stage that you want to follow along with and after that you can let MDT care of the remainder of the

Through assembling a Forex broker account together with a few of these partnered brokers, you allow the use of start and close positions on your own behalf. This will likely be achieved automatically depending on the traders that you opt to improve your MDT portfolio.

Naturally, you retain your liberty to change those places or start your own personal. MDT also gives a vast selection of analytical statistics to each trader that provides signs of their platform. This enables you to help make the greatest possible selection on the portfolio predicated upon the trader method, yields, and risk profile.

Broker Integration

MyDigiTrade Partners

MDT is partnered with 20 brokers for signal followers. All these are a few of the very admired forex broker within the business and permit for the comprehensive automation of one’s trading process subsequent to a signals and strategies supplied by MyDigiTrade and also their traders. A number of those brokers comprise:

  • Pepperstone
  • IC Markets
  • ThinkMarkets
  • XM
  • Alpari
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This integration permits an entirely hands-off approach out of you, the trader should desire. Essentially, this will allow your accounts to develop into profitable completely on autopilot. You are able to gain or decrease the rates of control on individual signal providers you follow along, and also their effects in your own portfolio, nevertheless, you have to have created a free account with a few of those MDT supported brokers.


The service also gives you a selection of educational material targeted at people that need to produce their comprehension inside the forex industry. It’s reasonable to say this material, although it’s well constructed, is directed primarily at people that could be brand new to the forex business, or who want to know about societal trading to its before all else time. It’s a beneficial addition to this MDT service yet.

MyDigiTrade Pricing and Fees

MyDigiTrade Pricing

MyDigiTrade doesn’t charge any subscription fee for using their services, or any other incidental fees. They have the capability to do this after all they are working in conjunction with partner brokers as an introducing broker. This effectively means they will obtain paid fees and percentages from that broker based upon how many you are trading.

The minimum deposit in order to trade with MDT is $100. This however varies depending upon which signal providers you choose to follow. There is also no contractual obligations, you are free to pick up and cancel any signal providers from your portfolio at any time.

Additionally, MDT facilitate up to 300% trading credit. This interest-free credit line requires a minimum deposit of $500 and is based on your total equity and not your deposited amount. The example which MDT use in their promotional material is as follows:

Your Deposit: $2,500

MDT Credit: $7,500

Total Investment: $10,000

This allows you to hold back some capital, and is especially useful if trading or using the service for the before all else time in order to establish a trusting interrelation and evidence of a positive return.

The Claim

MyDigiTrade Strategies

MyDigiTrade does very well in respect of not making over-enthusiastic claims, and ensuring that all claims made by the company, have the ability to be realized. Traders are told they will “trade like an expert “. This is made altogether possible due to the nature of social trading which allows traders to follow the strategies of the top signal providers using the platform.

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The service also states that you will earn an income which is “on a level with traders”. This can sufficiently motivate traders to partner with the service without specifically promising amazing capital gains.

Ultimately, the features of MDT which we have mentioned, names, automated trading, broker integration, and education, are all in place to assist Forex traders with reaching these benefit goals. Having an automated trading infrastructure where trades are almost completely automated to follow traders who are already profitable, greatly enhances the chances of traders making a benefit which is on par with these selected signal providers.

The education which MyDigiTrade also provides, although basic, also assists in educating new traders sufficiently in becoming aware of the store and the best ways to trade profitably. In essence, the claims which MDT makes, although minimal, are sufficiently backed up by the solid infrastructure the platform provides.

The Results For MyDigiTrade

MyDigiTrade Portfolio

As with any form of trading which you engage in, there is a certain amount of risk involved. The potential always exists to lose money. This does happen on occasion with MDT traders. With that said, the service provides traders with a detailed analysis of each signal providers past performance. This includes a risk profile, and other factors such as how long the provider has been working with the platform, and how reliable they are.

All of this information creates a situation where you ultimately decide the best course of action as a trader. Following the top signal providers on the platform will often generate positive results, although this is certainly not guaranteed.

Trustworthiness and Support

MyDigiTrade has been around for many years and is based in the British Virgin Islands. When it comes to being trustworthy, this length of time in the industry is certainly a positive factor. They are also partnered up with many major brokers such as HotForex. These brokers are all high in terms of credibility so this effectively increases user trust in MDT by association.

Who Should Choose MyDigiTrade?

MDT is ideally suited to traders in a number of categories. Primarily, those who may like to take a back seat in trading and entrust the platforms signal providers and automated trading system to work as intended. These are excellent for obtaining an essentially passive income once you have registered with a partner Broker and set the parameters for your MyDigiTrade portfolio.

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New traders are another category of user who may greatly profit from utilizing the social trading and signals service of MDT. The automation provided, along with the ability to construct your portfolio following the most successful traders in a very user-friendly way, is one which would certainly appeal to those who may still be building their knowledge and experience in the sector. Combining this with reviewing the educational material provided may be the perfect before all else step for many in the forex trading store.


Having been active in the industry since 2010, MDT has grown and expanded its community and levels of professionalism alongside its user base. They now represent one of the premier social trading and signal service networks.

Being free to use, and working in conjunction with major recognized brokers, whilst not removing the need to research top forex broker reviews to find the ideal one for you, certainly makes MyDigiTrade an enticing proposition for those who may be seeking an edge to gain the potential of their forex trading investment.





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Customer Service



  • Additional availability of some basic education materials is a good attraction for new traders.
  • No extra fee to register and use MDT. This is particularly positive given the high monthly fees charged by some subscription-based services.
  • MyDigiTrade works with only selected and trusted top forex brokers.
  • The flexibility to add, drop, or alter your portfolio without obligation, as well as make your own trades is a positive for those who prefer a more independent approach.


  • It proves difficult to verify the trading numbers posted by the top signal providers. This could produce an environment of mistrust
  • Customer support options are limited and contact time is lengthy
  • Given the social nature of the service, there is actually quite limited ability to directly communicate with other community members.

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