Poloniex Broker Review – Can You Trust This Broker?


If you’re a forex trader subsequently your broker, Poloniex, may possibly have been on your radar. Poloniex delivers a number of interesting characteristics that interest many traders. Read our review to learn if Poloniex could be the ideal broker for your own trading.

About Poloniex

Poloniex is an American established cryptocurrency exchange. Situated from the U.S. country of Delaware, Poloniex is a dominant name in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. That continues to be the case after all the organization base in ancient 2014.

Poloniex has been acquired by the financial band Circle in February 2018. The funds with the well-respected and recognized parent business increase both reach and hope of Poloniex through proxy. Elements of this parent firm will be regulated by the FCA from the UK, also have been given many Desired Bitlicense by the New York Department of Financial Services.

Poloniex Landing Screen

PoloniexAccount Opening

Poloniex Status Tier

Poloniex provides an equal sort of standard consideration to users upon initial sign up. Since you advance with trading nevertheless, your trading degree status improves determined by volume. While this condition rises beyond certain volume benchmarks, such as a $500,000 trade amount, you qualify for discounted prices.

Minimum Deposit

There isn’t any minimum deposit required as a way to start a free account together with Poloniex. There really are a couple of currencies nevertheless that’ll take a deposit. Foremost among them is Ethereum. The minimum Ethereum deposit required is 0.5 ETH.

Availability and Ease of Opening

Poloniex Deposit Methods

Aside from being inaccessible to residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, reports is publicly and readily opened with Poloniex. This may be finished via a very simple registration method, though you must upload your own individuality records during that time of enrollment to confirm your account. The complete procedure can get no further than 10-minutes, as long as you have the essential records handy.

Product Offerings

Poloniex features trading at as much as 120 cryptocurrency pairs during writing (Bitcoin Cash pairs are suspended). These is broken into the following marketplaces:

Bitcoin Pairs (BTC): 60
US Dollar Coin (USDC): 1-2
Ethereum (ETH): 18
Monero (XMR): 6
Tether (USDT): 2 4

You will see that Poloniex simply offers trading onto a crypto into crypto basis. Those desperate to deposit fiat money for trading have to register a free account using Circle Pay against the trades parent provider, deposit their preferred fiat money there, swap for US Dollar Coin, then transfer the total amount for their Poloniex account.

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PoloniexCommissions and Fees

Poloniex Fees TierThe broker comes with trading fees in just two categories, all these really are, manufacturer prices and taker fees. The manufacturer commission pertains to all those traders whose trades aren’t instantly filled and ergo exist within the order publication to be obtained, or fulfilled, by different traders. These traders are famous as “makers”, whilst people that fulfill their petition have been understood as “takers”, together with each being forced to pay for a varying trading commission depending upon their own trading volume as displayed above.

Margin trading is additionally available with Poloniex. If you’re trading on margin, then you also must pay attention to this lending trader as soon as you’ve locked your own position. This interest rate will probably be noted before for your approval of that loan to trade on margin.

Non-trading Fees

Deposit and withdrawal prices will be changeable based upon which particular cryptocurrency you opt to trade with. On average, there aren’t any deposit fees and also a little withdrawal fee. That is likewise true in the event that you’re moving fiat money to US Dollar Coin throughout the Circle Pay program for transport into Poloniex.

Since Poloniex offers gross profit trading onto the P2P basis, interest earned money supplied by different traders is charged a commission of 15 percent by the broker.

Poloniex Platforms and Tools

Poloniex provides an online trading platform and trading using their newly established mobile application that’s on both the iOS along with Android apparatus.

Web Trading Platform

The Poloniex web-trader is effortlessly reachable and comprises most of the fundamental info and works necessary to perform trades conveniently and quickly. Users have been bombarded by means of a platform interface that looks user-friendly, even though just a tiny cluttered with all the Twitter feed out of Poloniex, however no additional news or search sources displayed.

Markets could be chosen in the marketplace watch window onto the right-side. This requires a convenient, tab-form, predicated upon which particular currency pair you would like to produce, as well as comes with a speedy and instinctive investigation function.

The preferred group will display on the located chart that is often selected to comprise EMA, SMA, Fibonacci, or even Bollinger Band tools. That is a pretty constrained selection for a lot of traders who may be accustomed to operating with conventional forex currency trading platforms like Metatrader 4 or 4 cTrader. Charts may be considered in 6-time frames and in various zoom ranges, even though they’re really is a deficiency of drawing tools out there.

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Orders could be readily and immediately implemented utilizing the sequence dividers only underneath the principal graph, and under this, traders may view whole order numbers and books to get his or her preferred group.

Ultimately, the Poloniex web-trading platform is fast, stable, and userfriendly, though it exceeds the thickness which might be needed by a few more capable or high-volume traders.

Mobile Platform

Poloniex Mobile Chart

Poloniex Mobile Order

The newly established Poloniex mobile program is very userfriendly, attractive concerning visual appearance, and quick at implementing any essential trades. Additionally, it may be put to send contacts on your mobile apparatus when certain price-levels A-E reached, but it lacks a particular degree concerning technical signs along with professional charting applications that a lot more advanced level traders are searching. For basic observation and instinctive, fast ordering yet, the Poloniex portable trading platform works in a leading fashion.

Poloniex Differentiators

Being a cryptocurrency market, Poloniex is mainly distinctive from lots of the broker platforms that you will observe reviewed elsewhere. The before all else big distinction is the dearth of all fiat money pairs provided by Poloniex. Even though there’s no fiat/crypto pairs offered directly, a workaround with the is done with the Circle Pay program.

As cryptocurrency exchange brokers proceed, Poloniex is among the very recognized in the business. They may also be just one of the main brokers in regards to bridging the crypto market with the conventional industry. That is due to the forefront from the presence of both Circle and also their high-level fiscal backing from the likes of Goldman Sachs.

With its P2P financing and gross trading offering to people located outside the United States, Poloniex additionally manages to proceed beyond the offering of its competitors from the cryptocurrency exchange industry.

Customer Service

Poloniex comes with an online service center to take care of inquiries and questions from traders. This service centre comes with a broad range of very often demand questions. In the event that you can’t get the answer you’re seeking here, then you can start an electronic digital service ticket to detail your own question. This will often be reacted to by email in just a couple of hours.

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Poloniex Trustworthiness

Trust will probably stay an integral issue when working with all cryptocurrency sellers and brokers. That is as a result of people understanding of too little security. Poloniex though, includes two-factor authentication on all reports, continues to be included as a significant player within the industry for nearly five decades, now gets got the backing of a worldwide respected and recognized financial obligations business in Circle.

These facets, and also the positive measures that they’ve obtained at Circle, for example, regulation by the FCA, using FDIC insured deposits around $250,000 during Circle Pay, also being among their before all else startups to put up a Bitlicense, if bode well for its expecting belief of Poloniex users.

Is Poloniex Worth It?

Overall, because of the cryptocurrency market, Poloniex provides a solid assortment of trading options and works for its own users. The wide variety of cryptocurrency trading monies, along with the capacity to trade on margin and also take part in P2P financing creates the broker an innovator from the cryptocurrency broker market.

With a sturdy security record, along with numerous procedures of deposit available through the financing of trusted and well-known sources, it’s safe to state that Poloniex will stay in its standing among the very trusted and popular cryptocurrency trades global. The relatively recent purchase from Circle, additionally provides the market together with fresh degrees of liquidity and prospect of future development in the crypto market industry and outside.





Commissions and charges


Deposits and Withdrawals


Trading Platforms


Customer Service



  • The skill to take part in gross trading and internal financing adds an excess dimension for traders
  • A wider array of marketplaces available than lots of other cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Newly endorsed by a few of their very respectable names in a fund. This brings it both authenticity and favorable regulation


  • No direct system to deposit fiat money without the need for Circle intermediary
  • Lack of accessibility of Fiat/Cryptocurrency pairs

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