ROFX Review – Can Trading Robots Really Work?


If forex currency trading bots have piqued your interest you might have been aware of ROFX. ROFX is a business that is promoting an exemplary forex currency trading robot with various features. Want to discover more? Read our comprehensive review of ROFX.

About ROFX

ROFX is an organization that has specialized and developed in providing a forex currency trading robot. This robot was created by a group of software programmers and knowledgeable traders in ’09. Since that period of time, the business asserts that the robot has stayed profitable, and for that reason they provide clients the chance to participate the trading bot by using their forex broker accounts and capital.

Although the team supporting the job might happen to be operating from the forex industry since 2009, there’s significant evidence that points into the business itself just staying operational since 2016.

ROFX Landing Screen

ROFX Features

All the very best forex programs and services we’ve reviewed boast quite a few features that may help them differentiate themselves from the contest. Below are a few of the vital capabilities of ROFX.

ROFX Features

AI Incorporation

According to this company substances, ROFX apply of AI at a significant manner when trading throughout their forex stage. They assert to use self-learning neural networks to be able to make sure strategies go on to evolve and implement .

Multiple Account Levels

The ROFX service provides multiple quantities of balances. These include trial reports with a very low deposit demand, to high limitation VIP accounts. At every level, the operation fee that you need to pay for to the benefits generated by the agency reduction.

Research Data

The provider makes an attempt to demonstrate their standing and authenticity as being a respected agency by embracing some data from the preceding years of performance of their ROFX service. This offers up just as a lot of as 10-years of data that has been broken down by month, year, and sometimes even day calculations of adulthood.

ROFX Profit

Exchange Integration

ROFX needs to be harmonious with almost any broker you’re using. This consists of a lot of the most notable forex broker reviews we’ve taken out. This isn’t specifically said, though as a result of the type of this ceremony, a certain amount of support could be deemed necessary. The business also asserts to be recorded on myfxbook for its supply of confirmation in the trades.

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ROFX Pricing and Availability

ROFX Account Type

There really are various options available once you opt to obtain going using ROFX. The launching of one’s accounts is completely free, though a deposit of a quantity must start using this service. The options is found using all the next deposit sums and subject to this noted lock-in interval for capital:


  • $1000 -$5,000 Deposit
  • 30 Day Lock Period
  • 60 percent Performance Fee

Easy Start

  • $5,000-$10,000 Deposit
  • 70 Day Lock Period
  • 50 percent Performance Fee


  • $10,000-$50,000 Deposit
  • 270 Day Lock Period
  • 35 percent Performance Fee


  • $50,000-$100,000 Deposit
  • 270 Day Lock Period
  • 25 percent Performance Fee


  • $100,000
  • 270 Day Lock Period
  • 15 percent Performance Fee

There is a VIP PAMM accounts without a lock period for people whose investment reaches in the vast amounts.

Accounts using residue at EUR and Bitcoin may also be offered.

The Claim

ROFX will lead the way for making most bold claims through the duration of its internet site in regard to the investment of traders. A number of those claims relate solely to the sustainability of this ceremony.

At the majority of the claims made, most that are difficult or even impossible to check, is that “negative results of trading are covered by a reserve fund”. This appears to mean even in the event that you take part in losing trades, your entire deposit will be ensured.

ROFX make claims such as, since 2010 the robot hasn’t ever left a loss, also that the service reflects a well balanced passive earnings, and also the finest profitable support.

All these asserts, as stated, are difficult to check and be seemingly overzealous inside their desire to promote a feeling of ensured profitability.

ROFX Dashboard

The Results

What ROFX maintains and produces look like two quite distinct matters. The business promotes itself as being a longstanding venture when in fact, the present internet site has just been busy since 2016.

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The consequences concerning benefits delivered have become difficult to ensure, as no more comprehensive data is given on almost any facet of the robot. Beyond financials, this extends into just how a system works and is executed. Many concerns are raised by additional users that guess there could actually be no robot supporting the service whatsoever and it is a sort of managed finance. Additionally, this is tricky to ensure.

Ultimately, concrete outcome and evidence-based confirmation of this grade of the ROFX trading robot are difficult to find.

Trustworthiness and Support

ROFX seem to have offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong. Local telephone numbers are attached with available to predict. Additionally they give a passionate email for service questions along with also an extensive FAQ section on your site which details the response to a lot of questions that might be related to your usage of their ceremony.

While service looks extensive, trustworthiness on the opposite hand is hard to assess. The business will not possess or require and special licensing to work, and also the truth that they may actually just have been usable for three decades but describe a 10 yr ago, may possibly be a issue for a few users.

Furthermore, how the agency will not especially present as being a forex automatic trading program as well because a controlled fund is something will more than likely concern many consumers. While there haven’t been any reports of an outright ROFX scam or declines across the business, there’s widespread uncertainty regarding the type and goals of this ceremony that most have seen, too great to be legitimate.


ROFX Contact

Who Should Choose ROFX

ROFX Withdraw

The character of this service for a forex automatic trading program could attest that’s acceptable for beginners or people with very little trading encounter. Even though EAs are comparatively simple to execute and the procedure isn’t hard to follow along with step by step, beginners could be more fitting to obtain some simple grounding through a few of their forex education services before all else before to progressing to execute robots.

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For people who have a fantastic degree of experience, incorporating a forex automatic trading program might end up being effective in saving time and earning a benefit or passive earnings, however, that should be broadly researched and maybe not treated at a safe manner like ROFX generally seems to urge.


Ultimately, ROFX has existed from a for a couple years and can work an agency for which it’s received mixed reviews. In the event the robot functioned as prescribed to the internet site from the safe manner detail by detail, afterward it’d be unbeatable. The simple fact is though that however promising any item or service is apparently, there’ll be a hazard attached. This is something that it feels as the team supporting ROFX is reluctant to talk with users.

Overall, the ceremony boosts well and says each one the things that any user might love to listen, but drops down in regards to transparency, along with complete disclosure of the sort of service and hazard entailed.





Commissions and charges


Deposits and Withdrawals


Trading Platforms


Customer Service



  • The chance to start your accounts along with fully analyze and know what is on offer may be an incentive
  • Relevant total of working experience in the business and also a very favorably promoted service can draw in a few traders


  • Worrying gap between your time scale the organization says they've worked, and also the actual release date of this site
  • To a lot of uncertainty surrounding the authentic nature of surgeries at ROFX free of accessibility of advice to prove the joys of a robot
  • Over promising asserts on the provider web site could eventually cause losses that were surprising by users
  • No free trial option readily available. The trial style account demands a massive deposit

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