Super Simple Bot Review – Is This Forex Bot Legit or a Scam?


A fantastic forex currency trading bot goes out of style, request every other trader. Super Simple Bot is a forex currency trading bot that’s merely what it says, quick and simple to use. The question is, how will Super Simple Bot possess what your trading requirements? Read our review to find out more regarding Super Simple Bot.

About Super Simple Bot

Super Simple Bot is an entirely automated trading program robot that works inside the binary trading industry. The business has existed from a since 2016 even though surgery has broken opinions among experts.

As with most of our high forex broker reviews and much more, you’re able to depend on the maximum objective assessment from the marketplace ahead from our team. Super Simple Bot Landing Screen

Super Simple Bot Features

As with every forex currency trading but there are always a couple of points that you ought to be on the lookout for when trading using Super Simple Bot. This still remains true although lots of the task is looked after for you by the robot’s automated systems. Super Simple Bot Features

Here is a closer look at a Number of the key features you can expect from Super Simple Bot:

Broker Integration

The robot will not assert to be incorporated with various brokers, though they do appear to possess a solid taste.

This might appear to become toward OptionFX right now. Wealth Capital is one other broker who looks on the accounts screen with the option to start a merchant account, even though you may note when you’ve viewed someone of our very best broker reviews, which neither of those choices is especially commonplace.

The robot FAQ does say you could set to quite a few high broker balances, though on the before all else evaluation, it will not quite appear to be the circumstance. Super Simple Bot Funding

Free to Use and Demo Account Available

This is a feature that Super Simple Bot comes in keeping with many other famous trading bots from the business. It’s absolutely free to join up your accounts and apply the bot. That is given you simply deposit at the minimum amount required from the broker and factor in the deposit demanded from Super Simple Bot.

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This Super Simple Bot minimum deposit demand stands at $250 now. This amount ought to be ample to pay the absolute minimum deposit demand by virtually any broker.

The Super Simple Bot free demonstration accounts additionally makes it rather simple to obtain going. They supply a demo account that’s obtainable in only a couple of clicks as soon as you’ve verified your contact number. This may function as a perfect chance to obtain acquainted with what the agency offers.

Full Automation for Trading

As with lots of the forex programs and services we’ve viewed before, the bot offers 100% automation for each of your trading requirements. This effectively implies that as soon as you’ve put the rules and hazard factors along with your preferences with respect to trading, then you can settle back and allow the robot to work for you personally.

The company will promote an extremely large success rate that we’ll look right into over the upcoming segments however in terms of power, such as most automated forex currency trading applications, it stands up to a program that might be busy and without adequate time to devote in regards to researching and setting trades. Super Simple Bot Trading Platform

Super Simple Bot Pricing and Availability

Super Simple Bot is totally free to utilize. The single thing that applies here is there is a minimum deposit in performance. This minimum deposit is $250. Once this was deposited, you’re totally free to make use of this system.

When you deposit funds throughout your affiliated broker, these can appear on your Super Simple Bot accounts and are totally designed for trading over the bot hazard parameters which you can find. A low, moderate, and insecure option keep matters easy and simple to check out along with several stages of trader. Super Simple Bot Use Guide

The Claim

Super Simple Bot comes with a design and service that are extremely straightforward. As previously mentioned, the accounts might be open and tied up next to no time along with your broker accounts. Where the business supporting the bot increases several eyebrows though it is in the manner that they assert about the good results of this robot.

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Immediately on coming at the site, you’re greeted with an impossible claim in which the robot is 100 percent profitable. This immediately increases a red flag.

The knock-on consequence with the fact that individuals have been subsequently also likely to overlook that the 87 percent win-rate that will be lent, and also the very favorable user reviews that are quoted.

In reality, a really prosperous trading application of almost any type that has been usable in this specific marketplace as well as for that period of time, in our opinion, if not should pad their standing with this kind of dubious assets.

This is to not state that the bot doesn’t work well, however, we could say for certainty it is not 100 percent profitable as promised. There’ll be risks related to trading. That is especially true from the binary options trading field.

The Results

The consequences in the instance of both Super Simple Bot are those that can’t be demonstrated with any level of reliability. That which we are able to resolve though is the agency provides the things they say in their name. Even the bot is quite straightforward, both in how it looks and how it functions. This may surely help streamline procedures and create some consequences simple to interpret.

Another thing we are able to declare is that however simple or effective that your trading bot could possibly be, there’s obviously an inherent risk in trading notably over the binary options industry. Which usually means that any results that are accumulated, usually do not necessarily signify that a degree of consistency or blueprint of succeeding is ascertained.

Checking out a number of the highest forex education services that we’ve reviewed is the ideal starting place if you’re wanting to acquire a solid foothold in any given degree.

Can You Trust Super Simple Bot?

Super Simple Bot provides a degree of customer care. This consists just of a site contact form just, together with service priority given to associates, and also an ostensibly functioning FAQ section on the business site.

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This is less than you’d expect from some other company in a promising to conduct an extremely successful performance. With a $250 deposit, irrespective of whether prices are charged or not, traders ought to be unmarried of a marginally more careful customer care service. Super Simple Bot FAQ

Who Should Choose Super Simple Bot?

With an extremely simplistic design and simple to establish accounts, the agency is usable by all levels of trader. This would comprise people that are not used to a whilst the Super Simple Bot additionally guides one through broker enrollment to some certain purpose.

Realistically though, you might be more inclined to be considering launching a trading bot service accounts in case you have established a portfolio along with a trading encounter. This will be advocated therefore you could satisfactorily perform homework and be certain the service offers the own needs as being a trader.


With all the ability they’ve gained from the industry, the most important thing is that Super Simple Bot has to perform.

They provide a simple to browse and utilize service that has each the primary points to become prosperous, even though it’s in other points at which issues arise. This consists of their too brazen asserts, the simple fact that support is down from standard, and also the shortage of service supplied to multiple brokers.

These are matters which may undoubtedly be adjusted. It was seen through perhaps the provider is prepared to accomplish that. Making these developments would also go a very long way to silencing critics from the who wonder the transparency of their surgery.

Super Simple Bot





  • No fees to use apart from the 250 minimum deposit required.
  • Several years of expertise working within the business.
  • A very straightforward and simple to work bot that's a c1 to browse.


  • Overly-zealous promotional asserts in regard to benefit may result in the tool being mis-sold.
  • Broker integration isn't adequate depending on the demonstration account accessible
  • Customer service is inferior compared with the majority in the industry.

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